Vinny Carpenter

I have 30 years of experience and substantial success in directing enterprise-wide software development, engineering, and architecture efforts in education, manufacturing, financial services, and investment management industries. I have worked for large global multinationals to small entrepreneurial companies.I am passionate about learning and spend countless hours reading books, blogs, Twitter, or writing code. I love sharing what I have learned and would most likely be a teacher if I couldn't do what I do today. I believe in open systems and open-source. I prefer collaboration, open dialogue, and sharing my experience and knowledge to elevate everyone around me. Integrity, trust, and professionalism are my cornerstones. I work hard to build trust, inspire confidence, and cultivate trusted partnerships.In my role, I am lucky to work with an excellent, results-oriented team, and I play the role of a practitioner, mentor, advisor, or influencer based on the need and the situation.In my personal life, I live with my better half Kristin and my daughter Katie in Brookfield. My daughter is a senior in high school.